Date & Time

Saturday June 27, 2020 at 10 AM sharp.


Parade will kick off at Jackson Park and end at the Multicultural Family Center Pride Picnic.

Grand Marshals for the

Inaugural Key City Pride Parade​

Announced Soon!

Parade Information

Only registered and approved persons/organizations/floats/vehicles will be able to participate in the parade.  Spectators will line Main and be invited to join the parade at the end and walk together to the picnic grounds.

Parade Rules, Regulations, and Restrictions 

Participants must read and agree to the Parade Rules and Regulations prior to submitting an application.

  • Pride Parade registration must be completed by May 1st for your group to be eligible to participate. Groups that arrive on the day of the parade without pre-registration will not be permitted to enter the parade. Parade fee must be paid in full in order for your group to be considered registered for the event and to be placed in parade order.

  • Float registration is non-transferable and may not be sold to other organizations.

  • Parade Participants understand that Key City Pride has no control over weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, or governmental intervention, or any other cause that may prevent, and or interrupt, the Pride events, and participants shall not hold Key City Pride harmless for any losses that could arise because of such event.

  • Key City Pride makes no representation or guarantees towards actual parade attendance and participation.

  • No refunds shall be given due to cancellation or interruption of the parade for reasons beyond the control of Key City Pride. These reasons include, but are not limited to weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, or governmental intervention.

  • Parade participants and groups agree to obey all rules and instructions as directed by the Festival and Parade Director during the Parade. Any failure to strictly adhere to such rules or instructions may result in the immediate termination of this agreement and immediate forfeiture of any and all fees paid to Key City Pride.


  • All floats must have handrails or stand up holds for each rider on the float. Any self-propelled float must have a spotter beside the float, who is in two-way communication (e.g. two-way radio) with the float driver. A working fire extinguisher must be available and easily accessible on each float.


  • Float platforms should be at least 7 feet wide and 15 feet long with a fixed axle at/near the rear and a steer able axle at the front. Farm wagons make excellent platforms. Single or tandem axle trailers normally pulled by a car or truck are not desirable.


  • Floats cannot exceed 13 feet in height or 16 feet in width. Maximum length of the unit, including towing vehicle cannot exceed 55 feet. 


  • Only vehicles pulling floats or providing transportation for guests/grand marshal entries will be allowed in the parade. Exceptions will be considered for antique vehicles and other organized specialty car groups with prior approval. Vehicles that are pulling floats should be incorporated as much as possible into the float and decorated accordingly.


  • Any float or walking group that intends to use any sound amplification device (e.g. speakers, bullhorns, car radios, microphones, etc.) or play live music (e.g. marching bands) must notify Key City Pride on the application. It is our goal to spread these floats and walking groups throughout the Parade to decrease the probability of having competing sound. 


  • No group may display logos other than their own. No third-party branded sponsorship of any kind is permitted on the parade route. Any group bearing a third-party logo (such as on a vehicle or on signs) will be prohibited from proceeding down the route. 


  • No animals will be allowed in the parade without approval by the parade coordinator (based on heat and safety of animals among moving vehicles). 


  • All vehicles must have appropriate insurance coverage. Proof of Insurance will be checked upon arrival. A copy of the policy must be in the vehicle at all times. 


  • It is the responsibility of any group to remove unit(s) that become disabled immediately. If you are unsure about your own unit, please plan ahead for any towing needs you may have. Any fees associated with towing, repairing, and tickets issued by law enforcement agencies for abandoned vehicles will be the responsibility of the entrant. The Key City Pride Parade is not responsible for any damage to any unit before, during, or after the parade.


  • At no time shall any units willfully endanger the safety of themselves, other units, spectators, or parade staff and volunteers.


  • Entrants are responsible for the set-up and clean-up of their unit before and after the parade.

Line up and Order:

  • Vehicles and marchers will line-up in different areas, which will be communicated to all participants in the lead-up to the parade. Those riding on the float must be on it before it leaves the staging area. No one will be permitted to board their vehicle at the parade start line; this must be done in the vehicle holding area.


  • We reserve the right to place parade floats at the complete discretion of Key City Pride. Key City Pride shall have sole and complete authority to place the participant in any location throughout the parade lineup irrespective of the participant’s request.


  • All participants must be lined up and ready to walk at 10 AM and all floats must be in the staging area with proper identification by 9 AM in order to participate in the parade. 


  • We ask that you keep this year's parade FULL OF FUN AND IN GOOD TASTE! Families, churches, young adults, children and ally businesses will be participating and viewing the parade. Key City Pride reserves the right to pull any float, vehicle, walking group, or other from the parade if entry, presentation, or participants are found to be participating in illegal activity and/or inappropriate or offensive activity to/for the general audience. 


  • Costumes and other apparel worn during the parade (during lineup or the actual parade) must comply with the obscenity statutes of the State of Iowa as well as the public decency ordinances of the City of Dubuque. All decisions as to the propriety of attire to be worn in the parade will be made by the parade coordinator.


  • All Floats and groups agree to follow the direction(s) of the Key City Pride Parade Coordinators, Key City Pride Parade Security, and the Dubuque Police Department at all times.


  • The throwing of items from a parade float is NOT permitted at any time. All Units are responsible for any additional cleanup required or costs incurred as a result of their actions. 


  • Sale of any kind of goods or services to the crowd on the Parade route is strictly prohibited.


  • No alcoholic beverages or drug use will be permitted. Consumption of alcoholic beverages or illicit illegal drugs during line up or the actual parade is grounds for immediate expulsion from the event and police action. 


  • Participant information will be provided 3 weeks before the parade. 1 captain from each float group will be required to attend an informational meeting before the groups can be considered confirmed for the event. 


  • Firearms, loaded or unloaded, concealed or exposed, are strictly prohibited from any float or walking group throughout the Parade.

This agreement has been read, understood and entered into freely, voluntarily and absent of duress by the parties signed below. This agreement shall become effective upon execution by both the participant and Key City Pride.

Key City Pride © 2019. All Rights Reserved.